About Us

Discover Your Path Counseling was founded in 2014 and was created with the understanding that there is a need to provide more guidance and support to those individuals who are starting off on their journey to becoming a counselor. This website is the first one-stop shop for the community of new counselors (and counselors to be) in NJ to find the guidance needed in order to reach their goals.  Discover Your Path Counseling also encourage all counselors in the NJ community, of various levels of expertise and specialties, to join our effort in paying it forward. After all, even seasoned professionals can identify with the experience of being new in this profession.


Discover Your Path Counseling seeks to pay it forward to the community of aspiring counselors in New Jersey, providing them with information, guidance and support on their professional journey. Discover Your Path Counseling is dedicated to those aspiring or interested in becoming counselors can easily find virtually all the information they’ll want or need in order to develop their careers as a counselor IN NJ.